Contributions to the Fundación Salomón

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Welcome to a foundation convinced in the strength of education for the creation of consciences that achieve participation and promotion in a sustainable future

We trust on children and young people and see them as agents of change. In our courses we sensitize in a playful and holistic way to facilitate learning and create habits that achieve a positive and sustainable change towards the improvement of our coexistence with the planet.

We propose changes and project solutions

Welcome!! stay with us and let’s work together for a sustainable future…

We promote agrobiodiversity


Donor: Gustavo

Friends, businessmen, people of good feeling who support our initiative and believe in the impact we are creating. Thanks!

Intern student: Jimena

University students who offer their hours of social service supporting the cause of the Foundation, contributing ideas and making part of the change. Thanks!

Student: Valeria

Not only with deeds, but also with words it is affirmed that our work makes real changes. Thanks!